Charmonty A Kind Of Magic   ("Kimberly")

Norfolk Terrier Bitch born 23.08.2010
Norfolk Terrier: Charmonty A Kind Of Magic


Breeder: Charmonty
  Robin Wellmann
  Weideweg 21
  26446 Friedeburg
  -- Deutschland --
  Tel: 04465/1870

Ch. Allright Tom Fool 

Group placement
Ch. Allright Ali Baba 

Elve Valkaria 

Ch. Allright Magic Pearl 

Ch. Allright Kobold 

Ch. Allright Hyperion 

Allright Windsong 

Ch. Charmonty Leonita 

1x BIS2 Junior
Allright The Lion King 

Brickin Going Places 

Allright Kiss Me Quick 

Ch. Allright Smart Jill 

Ch. Belleville Smart Alec 

Allright Heatherbell 


Offspring of Charmonty A Kind Of Magic

Son Daughter
Charmonty Cherry Cake